Mosaic Adventure

Mosaic Adventure is a reputed adventure and tour company based in Nepal. They specialise in treks, day tours, peak climbing, etc. in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. They also provide rafting trips, jungle safaris, cultural and pilgrimage tours.

Project Goals

Clean and adventurous look

The existing site of Mosaic Adventure was over crowded with information and it lacked the appeal of an adventurous company. We were on a challenge to revamp the website giving it an adventurous look and make the site look clean and readable.

Modern Responsive design

Lots of travelers were browsing the website from mobile devices. But, the existing website of Mosaic Adventure was not responsive and therefore the information didn’t display nicely when the website was browsed from Mobile devices. We needed to make the new website responsive, so that travelers could read content easily from mobiles and tablets.

Clear Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

Mosaic Adventure’s site sells travel packages from the website. The kind of travelers who want to book travel packages varied. Some send inquiry before booking, some wanted to customize trip and some booked directly. It was important to clearly and distinctly display Call to Action (CTA) buttons for them so that travelers do not have to search how to contact Mosaic Adventure.

SEO Friendly Features

In common with many travel agencies, Mosaic Adventure’s marketing channel was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The website needs to have all the Search Engine friendly features such as clean and easily changeable permalinks, site map, load website faster, fields of image and content optimizations, etc.

The Challenges

Mosaic Adventure’s website was built several years ago and like most of the websites of that time, the site was not responsive. The website was over-crowded with information and it did not reflect and complimented the services provided by the adventure company.

The Call to Action (CTA) buttons were not distinctly highlighted and the user-experience while using the website wasn’t great.

The website structure needed to be easily modifiable without our assistance. This would allow easy changes to the website structure according to the company’s SEO strategies.

The Solutions

Research shows that when users see lots of text clustered in a page, 93% of them skip reading the text. So, we created a balance between white spaces and content in the design to make the website look cleaner and more readable.

We choose Orange as one of the primary colors of the website and it represents joy, sunshine and fun which complement the services provided by the company. The design was made to fit all all screen sizes and responsive design was implemented.

For the Content Management System (CMS), we choose WordPress. WordPress is a robust and user-friendly CMS and highly recommended and used by the SEO communities. Our web development team closely worked with the SEO team to define and implement the SEO features.

The Call to Actions (CTA) buttons were distinctly highlighted with bright color and big area. On trip page, CTA buttons were made sticky so that they are displayed on the screen even during scrolling.

The Result

Mosaic Adventure’s website now looks clean and adventurous – beautifully showcasing the company’s travel packages. The website looks great on mobile devices. The CTA buttons are clearly visible and the user experience is better!

Within a month of the website launched, rank for several pages with competitive keywords drastically improved, including Annapurna Base Camp Trek, which moved up to be ranked on the 1st page.

The client feedback is great and inquiries and sales on the site have increased!